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We are not only a renowned inn. In our journey throughout the world, we have compiled a list of the places to visit when out there for holiday or family outing or when you just need a takeaway. Our customer service is “top-notch”. It is one place that you just sit and feel comfortable- a home away from home.

Welcome to The Broad Axe Tavern where we not only serve you with your favorite drinks but also serve you with delicious and tasty foods. Our chefs take into account the different needs of customers to tailor the orders

01. White Horse Tavern-, Rhode Island, New Port

An inn that dates back in 1673 can’t miss the traditional touch of ambiance like the fireplaces. You can get both the English and American cuisines. There is also a specific place for a dining experience of up to 6 people.

02. Barnsboro Inn

The outward look of this inn tells it all about the quality of service. It is one tavern that has a touch of class and style in both the interior and exterior decor. Do you think, the owner can spend all that and fail to deliver the services

03. Middleton Tavern

Most of the old American Taverns were peoples residence turned to inns, Middleton is not an exception. It is a restaurant renowned for delicious seafood of all kinds- lobsters, crab cakes, rockfish and clams.

04. King Tavern

Despite a bad history of killing and ghost revealing themselves in the former home of Richard King, the tavern/inn serves the best meals in Mississippi. King Tavern is a real example of creative art in cuisines.

05. New Boston Inn

In Pennsylvania, when you ask for somewhere you will get the best food and drinks; New Boston can’t miss on that list. The restaurant - formerly known as White House- has been in existence since 1737.

In our quest to find the best place for a holiday vacation; we encountered many challenges which made us think of how many other people out there are going through the same. It is from this background that we vowed to educate the public on where to visit for specific hospitality services.

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