6 Reasons to Visit an American Tavern on Your Next Vacation

6 Reasons to Visit an American Tavern on Your Next Vacation

An American tavern is where you go to drink your favorite alcoholic beverage in the company of your friends, family, or business partners. You may also toast to your favorite dish or local cuisines when on vacation.

Originally meaning workshop, shed, pub, or stall, the word comes from the Latin word taberna. If you’re lucky, you may also lodge at your favorite American tavern.

A classic American tavern is where you catch up with your loved ones on a night or day out. Take a bite and sip your drink in a fun, casual atmosphere.

Taverns act as local pour houses and eateries popular for great food and tasty drinks in fun environments. If you’ve never been to a tavern or wondering whether to visit one or not, here’re 6 reasons to get you started:

Top 6 Reasons American Taverns are Popular

1. Rich history

Traditionally, taverns were situated along thoroughfares and roads between cities. Used as coach stops for travelers, taverns were used to provide horses with water and some rest. Teams also used them as changing rooms.

Meanwhile, passengers got out of their coaches to stretch their legs and relax from prolonged sitting. Afterward, tavern owners found it fit to offer meals and refreshments to travelers as a way of earning additional money.

Whichever name you call it, pub or stall, the best taverns offer good poor, pint, and mouth-watering meals. Why not indulge in a classic local eatery when on vacation?

2. Get inspiration from rustic interiors

If you’re into rustic interiors and would like some inspiration to get you started, visit a tavern for some ideas to decorate your home.

Designed in traditional designs with rustic touches, taverns have everything you need to inspire your interior décor. Rustic interiors strike a balance between comfort and roughness, highlighting the authentic beauty of natural substances.

The design is coarse and simple ye strikingly attractive.

Stones, wood, and metals are the items you need to achieve a rustic interior as in top American taverns. You can play around with metals and welders to achieve an organic aesthetic with a touch of warmth and comfort.

With high-end models of welders such as the TIG welders, you can work on your metals to create various finishes for a rustic look. They include:

  • Natural color palettes
  • Organic textures
  • Patterns
  • Textiles
  • Furniture

3. Serves variety of foods and drinks

Unlike bars, taverns focus on offering food and a relaxing atmosphere for the entire family. You’ll even find free eat nights for kids and family events such as Easter activities in your favorite joint.

Whether you visit a tavern for lunch, brunch or dinner, you’ll have various items and entrees to choose from a menu. You can choose almost any type of food from a classic American tavern, including

  • Full entrees
  • Wings
  • Burgers
  • Salmon chopped salad
  • Mumford burgers with fried jalapenos and pimento cheese
  • Buffalo chicken paninis
  • Steak or chicken nachos
  • Salads
  • Steak
  • Sandwiches
  • Pasta, and much more.

The various types of burgers most taverns serve include:

  • Pimento cheese
  • Guacamole
  • Bacon
  • Onion rings
  • Fried egg
  • Bleu cheese crumbles, etc.

Taverns also serve cocktails, local beer, bourbons, wine, high-end whiskeys, ciders, nitro beer, and much more. Furthermore, drink menus of various taverns usually offer discounts on special drinks or bottles of wine on specific days of the month.

4. Casual culture

Taverns are popular for their relaxed, casual, and friendly culture. Even when holidaying miles away from home, a tavern would make you feel at home.

When visiting a tavern, you don’t have to overdress. Comfortable, casual clothes are enough to let you enjoy your time at your chosen local joint.

5. Exceptional experience

Taverns work hard to ensure every visitor that walks into their premises receives an exceptional experience. The pubs often play rock music and live acoustic performances with popular DJs during events such as Halloween and New Year’s Eve.

You can also drink to some hip, indie or trendy music playing in the background. American taverns also offer happy hours and specials such as drink or beer of the month to keep visitors coming back for more.

If you attend tavern events, you may find specials such as tavern crawls for endless fun with your family or friends. Whichever part of America you visit or live in, celebrate special events with local foods, drinks and specials to support local businesses.

6. Tavern rewards and multi-destination trips

Taverns also offer various rewards for anniversaries, birthdays, and special events. The rewards often include free meals and desserts.

When you plan an occasion in a local tavern, find out what rewards are available for you. What’s more, you can make a tavern proposal of any specials you’d like added to your package.

Moreover, visiting a tavern allows you to explore other places if you’re on a multi-destination trip. It’s a great way to travel and visit various places on the same vacation or trip.

Apart from visiting multiple destinations, you can also experience more than one American tavern in every location you visit.

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