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Fun Games for Taverns to Attract Business

Are you looking for new ways to win customers over to your tavern? 

Tavern games might be your best answer.

Taverns serve the local communities and people who are traveling through the town. Most of your customers know each other, know the bartender and the owner. This way, you only need to give them a reason to keep coming every day. Some of the games you can engage them in include:

Beat the Bartender

This involves playing against the bartender to win a discount or a favorite drink.

The games should be as simple as calling a coin flip, rolling a dice, checkers, and rock-paper scissors among others. Choose games that the local people like as these might interest them more. If a customer wins, you give them a discount on their favorite drinks. Such games have increased the fun in most bars and restaurants and helped them win customers over. You can use the games during sale events to increase purchases.

Paintball (Or a Variation of It) 

Paintballing is fun. The last place anyone expects to play paintball is in a tavern which is why the game is so interesting. You do not have to shoot people targets. If you have an extra room or a yard, you can have hidden targets and have gamers shoot at them from a far place. Customers who are able to shoot accurately using the rifle provided to win discounts. The discounts do not much to be much, just enough to keep the customers coming back. All you need is to get good paintball guns – the quality of AR 15s in the shooting range. 

Social Jukebox Apps

Nothing sets the atmosphere right more than music. Because classic jukeboxes are no longer present on bars, you can use Jukebox apps and digital jukeboxes to allow customer to select music you have approved. This way, each customer gets a customized experience as they enjoy their favorite local beer. You tavern may already be playing good music, perhaps even with a disk jockey, but a jukebox makes everything more fun. 

Bar Roullete

A bar roulette of wheel of fortune is a great idea to help indecisive customers pick their drinks. You can mark each pie on the roulette to represent a unique cocktail. When you customers come to the tavern, they can spin the wheel to try something new and adventurous. All you need is a wheel and a staff that knows how to make the best cocktails. The game is ideal when you need to promote a new drink or drinks that have been on the shelves for a long time.

Social Board Games

Board games and drinks start conversations. These games engage your customers and create a social atmosphere in the tavern. You can offer standard decks for a start and then improve to offer more creative games in the future. Whatever games you decide to offer, ensure they are waterproof to ensure your customers do not spoil them.

Dart Games

Dart games are almost standard in taverns. These games are cheap and easy to manage. You do not need an expert in darts as the customers play against each other. Again, you do not have to offer discounts to keep the customers playing. The competitive nature of the game and the fun customers get from it will keep them coming. The board should hang away from the tables to avoid injuring nonplaying customers with stray darts. 


There are so many games to choose from including pool tables and photobooths. The game you choose should be entertaining or rewarding to keep customers coming back. Some games could even earn you more money such as jukeboxes and pool tables.